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Bathroom renovation in Nikolaiev Baby House, finished!

Update as of October 25th 2010
One single group still needs bathroom and group kitchen renovation. Hopefully we’ll be able to make it happen in 2011 to finally terminate this long haul project.
You may, at your leisure, browse through NBH bathrooms project pictures here.

Update as of March 1st 2010
We are down to 3 bathrooms that need to be repaired.
We have ordered one bathroom to be renovated and work on this job has started today. 2 more need to be done and we are looking for sponsors to finish this project.
Cost is US$ 6,000.- (€ 4’000.- or CHF 6’000.-) for each remaining bathroom.

Please help finish this project 😉

Thank you very much for your kind support!

Updated news as of July 15th, 2008 can be read here.
Nikolaiev Baby House (NBH) consists of 12 groups of children from 0 to 4 years of age. Last year, thanks to a generous sponsor, NBH was able to replace all old windows in the children’s bathrooms of each group.
In 2008 Director Olga Ivanovna from NBH would like to repair the children’s bathrooms, replace all water pipes and all sewage pipes as well. This project costs a total of 78,000 US$ for all 12 bathrooms, or approximately 6,500 US$ for each bathroom.
As soon as we have sufficient funds available for the first bathroom we will start and then as we receive more funds continue with a bathroom at the time. We are asking for your kind help to start this project now.


Toilet ‘before’ renovation

Donations can be made here.
Please consult our list of ongoing projects in Ukraine.
Thank you very much for your kind support!

Updated news as of July 15th, 2008.
2 bathrooms are now completely renovated. Financing was secured by American families that have adopted children since the beginning of 2008. One American family has paid the full cost to renovate one of these bathroom!
Thank you very much!
At the beginning of the summer a water pipe bursted in a third bathroom. It was immediately clear that it would make no sense to repair this without repairing all the plumbing installation at the same time. Therefore, Director Olga Ivanovna asked LAdS for emergency aid to perform the work during the summer. In summer time it is much easier to share a single bathroom with 2 groups.
Your generous donations from the beginning of this year enabled us to finance renovation of a third bathroom, thank you! 🙂